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"If you were doing paperwork all day long, you'd think you were dying too!"

There are two collected versions of Patalliro being published: The tankoubon version (90 volumes at last count), and the condensed bunko version (48 volumes, ongoing). The tankoubon version also has AU stories with the Patalliro characters and unrelated horror and sci-fi short stories. These summaries will just include the Patalliro stories.

Bunko List

Tankoubon List
Vol. 21~40 | Vol. 41~60 | Vol. 61~80 | Vol. 81~88
111978Bishounen KillerPatalliro and Bancoran meet. Bancoran becomes his bodyguard.
2'79A Rose Blooms on His GraveThe IDS sends Junior to kill Patalliro.
3'79Look Out, Patalliro!Silver Fox sends Marion to kill Patalliro.
ss1'79Nekoma TengokuWhen the Shinsengumi attacked Ikedaya, Nekoma Tengoku was there.
24'79The Shifting Cat[Edo Period AU] A strange cat-demon is attacking the villagers, including Patariro's adoptive father. Bankoran the doctor and Patariro track it down. First Patariro story.
5'79Patalliro Free-For-AllCount Laken and Maraich are sent to kill Patalliro. Maraich's first appearance.
3ss2'79Nekoma Tengoku, Part the SecondNekoma Tengoku uses his cat-speaking abilities to uncover a murderer.
6'79Patalliro Mortal CombatPatalliro is brainwashed and dangerous from watching too many kung-fu movies. The Chinese mafia tries to smugle diamonds out of Malynera.
7'79From Patalliro with LovePatalliro suspects that a terrorist is conspiring with Maraich to attack an energy summit.
8'79Patalliro The Snow-Blooming FlowerPatalliro's beloved cousin Madeline has disappeared.
9'79Snow Falls in MalyneraPatalliro's friend from university wants to borrow the prized jewel for his new invention.
410'80Maraich, MaraichThe KGB sends a fake Maraich to infiltrate MI-6.
11'80Bancoran Dies!Bancoran fakes his death in order to catch a high-level enemy. Hewitt's first appearance.
12'79Demons: Hither and Thither[Edo Period AU] Patariro and Bankoran continue their exorcism activities. A trouble-making demon is plaging Patariro's store.
13'79Demons: Of Many Eyes[Edo Period AU] Patariro and Bankoran continue their exorcism activities. People who enter the Miyagiya are being possesed by evil spirits.
ss3'80Nekoma Tengoku, Part the ThirdNekoma Tengoku meets the Black Ships.
 '80The Vampire of Malynera [Only available in very old printings.]
514'80StardustThe IDS sends Tarantula and his army of beautiful boys into space with a fiendish plan. Plasma X's first appearance.
615'80Patalliro the 7th and 8thPatalliro's first Time Slip. He goes into the past and works with his ancestor to fight off the invading English army, led by Bancoran's ancestor.
16'80American KidnappingPatalliro kidnaps an American psychic named Zachary and forces him to help him gamble. He starts out with half of the money from his country's treasury and ends up with $40.
17'80Prince MaraichPatalliro visits the school his father went to as a boy and brings Maraich with him. Maraich is mistaken for Patalliro.
18'80Patalliro, Racing Through TimePatalliro Time Slips into the past and Bancoran's childhood.
19'80Empire of IllusionsPatalliro gets a diamond that grants wishes, but tends to be fatal for its owner.
720'80Chemistry TroublePatalliro's attempt to solve his cockroach problem turns his baby cousin invisible.
21'80Campus TalePatalliro goes to Japan and spends some time as an exchange student. He gets mixed up in trouble with the school bullies.
22'80The Red MermaidA famous ruby in a museum is threatened, and Bancoran is called in to save the day.
23'80A Day in the Life of PatalliroPatalliro's days tend to be more exciting than he realizes. A terrorist makes several attempts on his life. Also, a scary look at possible-future-bishounen!Patalliro.
24'80A Rare, Pure-White Flower BloomsPatalliro's cousin is marrying a nasty man, and he works together with a creepy flowershop owner to expose the groom.
ss4'80Nekoma Tengoku, Part the FourthNekoma Tengoku fights an army of demons, but the tables are turned.
825'80The Earthling's TaskA Vegan criminal comes to Earth in the year 200X.
26'80Journey for LoveRashanu sees the criminal who killed a secretary in the Soviet Embassy. Patalliro uses his Memory Machine to help him remember, with disasterous results.
27'80~'81Patalliro ChushinguraThe Patalliro cast reenacts the Tale of the 47 Ronin.
28'81X's TragedyPlasma X wants a girlfriend. Patalliro's joke goes wrong, and he tries to redeem himself. Afro's first appearance.
929'81When the Snow StopsThe man who trained Bancoran is murdered at his 70th birthday party, but no one saw the killer.
30'81License to KillMaraich is drugged and captured. Bancoran shows his 00-badge for the first time.
31'81Tamanegi!Tamanegi #21 has doubts about the purpose of his job. Rare serious Patalliro moment.
32'81Patalliro the 8th and 10thIn the 24th century, SmarterOne, a decendent of Bancoran, is ruling the world.
33'81Fly Free, JackPatalliro's attempt to hatch a super duck goes terribly wrong.
1034'81Plasma's LoveAfro looks down on Plasma, and yet can't deal with the attention he gives to his pet dinosaur.
35'81Run, PatalliroA KGB assassin sacrifices his life to save his little brother.
36'81Maraich's BabyImpossibly, Maraich becomes pregnant. One of Bancoran's scorned lovers gets his revenge. Bancoran first says 'I love you'.
37'81The Tree of LoyaltyOne of the Tamanegi remains behind in Revolution Era France.
38'81Fly Me to the MoonPatalliro discovers a boy with the ability to heal mortal illnesses.
1139'81The Captive of German CastleAn old friend of Patalliro's calls on his help to save his sister.
40'81Plasma PapaAn old fellow student of Patalliro's at robot school, Skunky, is out to make himself number one. Purara's first appearance. Plasma and Afro get married.
41'81I'll Be WaitingMaraich fights his innate suspicion of Bancoran's devotion.
42'81Nyanko Is NyankoA cat becomes the sole benefactor of a rich man, and his children plan their revenge. Nyanko sets out to rescue Mary Jane.
43'81PuraraPatalliro becomes jealous of Purara and is possessed by an evil spirit (the author). Purara grows up.
44'81That's the Kind of Man Bancoran IsPatalliro finds out that Bancoran is visiting and paying a school boy.
1245'81Foggy London AirportDamian Knight, Bancoran's first lover, returns.
46'82The Greater Edo Settlement Papers[Edo Period AU] Further adventures of Patariro and Bankoran, who meet Sakunosuke.
1347'82Truly PuraraPurara is in a bad mood, so Patalliro arranges for her to go to school. Her loving and good-intentioned father follows her.
48'82The Sunflower of VersaillesOne of the Tamanegi runs away to Versailles just before the French Revolution, and almost changes history. He must face the consequences.
49'82My Love MaraichPatalliro is in danger again, but his perfect disguise may be more trouble than it's worth.
50'82Tarot in the RoundZachary is a suspect in a rash of jewelry shop thefts, and he has to prove his innocence to Bancoran.
1451'82PhantomBancoran is tracking down an enemy too powerful to handle, and Zachary volunteers his magician friend to help.
52'82Patalliro DisasterThe Tamanegi wake up one morning to find a changed Patalliro. Who is this sweet, hard-working boy?
53'82a RandomPurara is lonely, and Patalliro makes her a big brother. However, Skunky strikes again.
54'82Maraich's SeasonSomeone has threatened to steal a precious green diamond, and Bancoran is assigned to keep an eye on it while shaking off the advances of the boy who owns it.
55'82The Great SnareA new group of enemies has appeared, and this time they plan to use Bancoran's many ex-lovers to their advantage. Pyotr the Great's name is first mentioned.
1556'82The Rotten AppleThere is a spy in MI-6.
57'82Goodbye, AfroAfro falls victim to a deadly mold. Dr. Grant appears.
58'82Sorrowful PuraraDr. Grant makes a new mother for Purara. Mandra's first appearance.
59'82Wandering PuraraPurara runs away.
60'82Purara in DangerPurara is running out of time, but where is the money?
61'82Your Name is PuraraPurara is rescued, but has lost her memory.
1662'82Innocent PuraraEveryone suspects that Purara killed Dr. Grant.
63'82Patalliro Large GatheringA new Tamanegi is acting strange, and Patalliro finds the key in the 23rd century.
64'82At RandomRandom goes away to school, but Pyotr the Great's henchman works there!
65'82Tearful PuraraMandra is fixed, the truth is revealed, but Purara-!
66'82Love is PainfulPatalliro's plan to fix Purara's obsession causes a new problem for Bancoran.
ss5'82Bancoran -- At MI-6A snapshot of Bancoran on the job. A plane crashes, and a young man from Bancoran's past is wounded.
1767'82November SanatoriumEtrange's illness takes a mysterious turn for the worst.
68'83Maraich's UnfaithfulnessMaraich suspects that Bancoran is cheating and decides to teach him a lesson.
69'83Bancoran Vs. BancoranTen-year-old Jack Bancoran was a cheerful boy who couldn't stop laughing. Until the night his beloved uncle killed his best friend. Keene returns to Bancoran's life seventeen years later.
1870'83Keene vs. PatalliroPatalliro and Maraich conspire to drug Bancoran so that they can hide him for his own good, with disasterous consequences. First appearance of Bat/Mickey Mouse and Godot.
1971'83Scattering Roses, Blooming Roses 1Bancoran and Maraich take the offensive against Keene. Oh, what tangled webs we weave.
20'83Scattering Roses, Blooming Roses 2Patalliro's nuclear bomb has set off the volcano and the castle is sinking. Who will kill who?
72'83Feelings, Laws, Strange News
(Kibun, Kibun, Kibun)
A KGB agent dies, and his last word was "kibun". There is a plot afoot. A new side of the Chief is revealed.
73'83Dr. Shibaitaroka's DiaryOf all of Patalliro's disguises, the Doctor is special. When he looks like the Doctor, he is the Doctor.
74'83The King's ConspiracyPatalliro's aunt has been caught in a revolution. (And what is Hewitt's dark secret?)
75'83Yotarillo, Enter Stage RightPatalliro's cousin and world-renowned computer expert Yotarillo pays him a visit on his way to England.
76'83Laken ReturnsOne of Bancoran's agents has been murdered, and Bancoran must get his last report.
Tankoubon List
Vol. 21~40 | Vol. 41~60 | Vol. 61~80 | Vol. 81~88