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"If you were doing paperwork all day long, you'd think you were dying too!"

There are two collected versions of Patalliro being published: The tankoubon version (90 volumes at last count), and the condensed bunko version (48 volumes, ongoing). The tankoubon version also has AU stories with the Patalliro characters and unrelated horror and sci-fi short stories. These summaries will just include the Patalliro stories.

Publisher Info:
The publisher is Hakusensha: the tankoubon are published by Hana to Yume, and the bunko by Hakusensha Bunko. The original magazine that Patalliro is published in is Betsuma Hana to Yume and Melody. It originally began publication in 1978 in Hana to Yume magazine. (Patalliro Saiyuki and Patalliro Genji Monogatari were published in Melody.)

Chapter Summaries/Teasers:
Bunko List - I've highlighted my favorite story from every volume.
Tankoubon List

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