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Patarillo! Patalliro! Patariro!

Patalliro! is a Japanese comic series by Mineo Maya which has been running since 1979. It is currently at 90 volumes. It reads as a collection of short, slightly disjointed stories about Patalliro, Bancoran, and Maraich.

I didn't quite believe it was possible to fit so many gags, puns, and jokes into one series, let alone one page, but Maya manages it. Very funny stuff that ranges from low-brow to high-brow and back again. Plus action, bishounen (pretty boys) in the truest sense of the word, strange sci-fi moments, and romance.

There was also a 2-season TV anime in the '80s, and a spin-off story based on the popular "Saiyuki" legend, which had a short anime as well in the summer of '05.

* Vol. 90 was released on May 20th!
* Bunko Vol. 48 was released Sep. 14th!

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